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Jingqiu Zhou

Jingqiu Zhou NANNING – CHINA Instagram Jingqiu Zhou ,is the Associate Professor of Department of Advertising,College of Film, Television & media , Guangxi Arts University. 01. Viruses become history: Let Us Resolve to Consign COVID-19 to The Pages of History. Coronavirus became history just like ancient pottery pot . 02. Fingerprint: every place you touch …

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Jianfei Lu CHINA Instagram 
National senior graphic designer, advertising designer, member of Chinese Designers Association(CDA), Guangzhou graphic designer alliance(GGDA) and Shenzhen entrepreneurs Photography Association. Won the twentieth session of the Chinese International Advertising Festival «Maotai» Chinese technology the Yellow River advertising award outstanding award, award for outstanding international art design contest, the third session of …

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Jian Ding

Jian Ding NANTONG – CHINA Instagram

Jia Zeping

Jia Zeping BEIJING – CHINA Instagram Brand designer, member of China Europe International Design Association -Works selected in Zhejiang sea level designers union «off topic» Exhibition.  Works selected in CO2 global Poster Biennale 2017 . Works selected in the creative design exhibition of Chinese characters of global Chinese Surname Culture. The work was selected in …

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Huiqiong Yang

Huiqiong Yang CHINA Instagram «Is like but not» the second time of painting in the plain people oil painting Salon Exhibition in 2018 . «Chengdu · Xing series» illustration design of Chengdu Metro in 2018. Tian Peng He Xi, Zhu Bao, greeting spring, blessing Li Shi Feng, jointly produced by the Spring Festival and panda …

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Huang Kai

Huang Kai BEIJING -CHINA Instagram These posters were created during the most prevalent stage of the COVID-19 in China from February to March 2020. Everyone is forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, so there is a house graphic as creative content. Isolation at home and wearing a mask are …

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He Huang

He Huang HEFEI – CHINA Instagram