Jia Zeping


Brand designer, member of China Europe International Design Association -Works selected in Zhejiang sea level designers union «off topic» Exhibition.  Works selected in CO2 global Poster Biennale 2017 . Works selected in the creative design exhibition of Chinese characters of global Chinese Surname Culture. The work was selected in the International Poster Triennial in Teneva, Slovakia.

Special invitation of She nationality cultural and creative exhibition 2018 . Peru Poster Biennale 2018.  United Nations zero discrimination day 2020. International Poster Design Exhibition.  2020 «world reading day» international public service Poster Design Exhibition. The theme poster competition of Hirano» 100 Exhibition . The first public welfare poster invitation exhibition of «the power of example – Lei Feng spirit» in 2019 . Forest  City 2019 international public welfare Poster Design Invitation Exhibition. 12.2020 Chinese college Zodiac Design Competition.

Virus is the enemy of mankind, in the outbreak of the current epidemic, we should unite to fight the epidemic together! I hope we can win this virus battle together as soon as possible!.