Jianfei Lu

Jianfei - Lu


National senior graphic designer, advertising designer, member of Chinese Designers Association(CDA), Guangzhou graphic designer alliance(GGDA) and Shenzhen entrepreneurs Photography Association. Won the twentieth session of the Chinese International Advertising Festival «Maotai» Chinese technology the Yellow River advertising award outstanding award, award for outstanding international art design contest, the third session of the China Western Star Art Design Award and the second National Award for outstanding graphic design exhibition Excellence Award.

In the face of this epidemic, medical personnel are fighting against the virus with injections in hand. They are passing the border for us at the front line. Therefore, the poster aims to convey that this is a fight against epidemic prevention and control, as well as the greatest support for the front-line medical staff and the greatest contribution to the society. Wuhan refueling, China refueling! Come on, the world!.