Huiqiong Yang

Huiqiong - Yang


«Is like but not» the second time of painting in the plain people oil painting Salon Exhibition in 2018 . «Chengdu · Xing series» illustration design of Chengdu Metro in 2018. Tian Peng He Xi, Zhu Bao, greeting spring, blessing Li Shi Feng, jointly produced by the Spring Festival and panda post office in the 2019 year of the pig.

«Classic of mountains and seas – Kun» egg painting works by Yongchang ocean polar Park in 2019.  «Mice meet the spring» was selected in China Post Zodiac gift Wuhan World Stamp Exhibition 2019. One of the 100 original outstanding works of the zodiac of China Post in 2020. One of the 100 Chinese designers designed the selected design. The African Republic post specially issued a super large commemorative stamp.

One of the specially invited artists of the international competition of gift paper pattern design. Winner of the poster competition of Jamaica international Reggae Music Festival 2020. Taiwan International Graphic Design Exhibition 2020. International Poster Exhibition Barcelona 2020 selected. 2020 China / Belgium International Cultural Poster Design Exhibition.