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Zhonghao Wu

Zhonghao Wu CHINA Instagram Graphic designer, college teacher, designer and curator. Since 2012, he has conducted experimental graphic exploration, research and development, exchanges, exhibits with black and white graphics, lectured and founded the Wu Zhonghao Black and White Graphics Workshop Design Award and Black and White Graphics Laboratory. In 2018, he was invited to be …

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Zhang Yong JIANGSU – CHINA Instagram

Zhang Wenyue

Wenyue Zhang NANJING – CHINA Instagram Graduate student at Nanjing normal university.

Zhang Jun

Zhang Jun HEFEI – CHINA Instagram


ZHANG DAYI CHINA Instagram Because of the virus, because of wearing a mask, because of the yellow race, we will be verbally abused, beaten, and racially discriminated abroad. We Chinese are not a virus. We are all human beings. We are a community with a shared future. We hope that mankind can unite and fight …

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Zeng Delin

ZENG DELIN GUANGZHOU – CHINA Instagram Poster works have been selected for the following exhibition competitions: -POSTERRORISM 2020- International Poster Competition. Poster Design Exhibiton in celebration of The 20th Anniversary of Macao Handover 2019. The LAG Poster Contest 2019. Peru digital illustration international open 2019. Peruvian Biennale of design 2019. Ecuador Poster Bienal 2018. 2nd …

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