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XU KAI SHANGHAI – CHINA Instagram Graphic Designer, from Shanghai China. Co-founder, creative Director of Shanghai SINO-Design Co. Member of CEIDA (China-Europe International Design Culture Association), Special review expert of the Graduate School of the Academy of Fine Arts of Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University. Poster works have been selected for awards in many …

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XIAOFENG CHEN GUANGZHOU – CHINA Instagram Xiaofeng CHEN, Artist, Graphic designer, College lecturer, higher education from China Academy of Art and Berlin University of Arts, Master of fine arts , professional at Visual Communication. The professional training of China Academy of Art has given Chen Xiaofeng indispensable aesthetic quality and professional details. The design education …


Xi Zhu

Xi Zhu CHINA Instagram

Wei Xu

Wei Xu HAINING – CHINA Instagram Independent creative person,brand designer,Curator. Member of JAGDA Japan Graphic Designers Association. Director of CEIDA China Europe International Design and Culture Association. Master’s tutor, School of Design, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Founder and CEO of Zhejiang Zhongtian Culture Co. Winning experience: 2019. Taiwan International Graphic Design Award. The 100th …

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Tu Zhichu

Tu Zhichu WUHAN, HUBEI – CHINA Instagram

Tiancheng Shi

Tiancheng Shi CHINA Instagram Tianheng Brand Design Company/Founder and Creative Director. More than ten years in the field of military design. Work in a well-known domestic sustainable development design company with morethan ten years of industry experience Clients served: Baidu Nuomi Music Festival, Alibaba Pictures, Jack Ma Foundation, Tencent Cloud, JD Logistics, Meituan, Member …

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Song Ping

Song Ping SHANGAI – CHINA Instagram As long as we work hard and persevere, no matter what the epidemic situation or the difficulties in life, we will all come to the end of winter and spring, and everything will recover and meet better ourselves.