Wei Xu

Wei - Xu


Independent creative person,brand designer,Curator. Member of JAGDA Japan Graphic Designers Association. Director of CEIDA China Europe International Design and Culture Association. Master’s tutor, School of Design, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Founder and CEO of Zhejiang Zhongtian Culture Co. Winning experience:

2019. Taiwan International Graphic Design Award. The 100th anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee International Poster Competition. Top100, Hojov Poster Festival, Poland. Polish Poznan International Plane Festival image text poster exhibition.

2020. Three-year exhibition of eco-international posters for «4TH BLOCK» in Ukraine. Russian Golden Turtle Award. The 5th International Poster Biennale in Leipzig, Germany. The 14th Russian Golden Bee International Graphic Design Bienny. The 15th International Eco-Poster Tri-YearLy Award in Dilena, Slovakia. The 17th Polish Dzeshuf International Theatre Poster Bienny. Mexico International Poster Bienny. The 6th Moscow International Poster Contest. Top100, 4th International Poster Exhibition «Madrid Grafica 20».