Lecturer at Department of Visual Communication Design, Indonesian Institute of the Art in Surakarta, now taking the Post-Graduate Doctoral Program in Art Assessment, Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), Surakarta, besides doing a lot of research on the fields of art and design, as cartoonists, and graphic design freelancers. Several times participated in exhibiting art and design both at national and international levels. Aside from being a lecturer, freelancers are also cartoonists and graphic designers.

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak that struck parts of the world made humans more adaptable in various ways. Every human being on this earth is given a reason to face the problem. The spirit is represented through visuals in the form of the Covid-19 virus combined with the labyrinth, as a symbol of the impact caused by the plague, desire, and human hope for mutual respect, equality, mutual assistance and work the same as a solution to overcome the Covid-19 virus.