Karna Mustaqim


Karna Mustaqim completed his PhD on comics studies at the Faculty of Art and Design, UniversityiTeknologi MAR A (UiTM). He received his Master of Art in Visual Communication and New Media at the same University.  Formerly, taught foundation of graphic design basics, creative arts methodology, aesthetics and theories of arts, include supervising student’s project.

Poiesis as the Way of Design. This coming era of so called New Normal has force us to retreat back to our nature, as an individual, and at the same time pushing us onto nurturing ourselves as digital nomad. So far that we then realize that this pandemic re-questioning back our need of being a social part of community.

This poster as work of art has come to tip the message that our humanity is at the stake on the edge of century.  Comedian works alone. Was he the victim? Or isn’t he our true enemy? Even the Prince of Crime has come to give warning. Even the number one public enemy has said it. How dare you ignore it? How much do we must pay for our selfishness?  This pandemic is a tale as old as time. Who can said we have ever learned from mistakes, only time could.