Dona Prawita Arissuta


Finalist Nokia Award Regional 2001. Favorite Jury, Kedawung Glassware Print design competition Award 2002. Finalist young sculpture competition ICC Pandaan 2010. Finalist UOB painting of the year 2018. winner 3, #2madison_Search_Jawa 2019.

About me, my project and my views on the coronavirus 19 pandemic:

I am a ceramic artist, a lecturer at FSRD Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Indonesia. I work a lot with various media, especially during this pandemic I became more familiar with electronic media. The current global situation is still against the pandemic of the Corona 19 virus, which changed the order, the system of all aspects of both economics, politics, education, tourism and even the arts.

Because of this condition, everything we have to do at home such as work, study, work, sales that requires us to be familiar with technology, gagded, computers, all of which depend on the internet. Because of this pandemic, I teach from home, a lot of the time I am at home, I make ceramic craft projects such as tableware, ceramic jewelry. I also make poster and product designs.