Atelier Andrea Gassner



The work of Andrea Gassner and Atelier Gasser is a demonstration of deeper spatial conception. In the search for what is suitable and new, the formal event, it repeatedly creates a pictorial language that touches us, which at times can even “scratch” or be intractable. Her work is the result of intensive research work, in-depth cultural study, precise observations, continuous series of experiments, tests and prototypes and, ultimately, of persistence in detail design. At the beginning, however, is always the direct interest in the subject. This is where Andrea Gassner always starts – at the first moment. From here she determines the area of activity and the rules; from here she goes into greater depth, bringing the complex sense of things to the surface, in order ultimately to arrive at a beauty that is deep, tangible and visible. «Architect Alberto Alessi, Zurich»


Confined and low-spirited, forced just to passively accept what is going on – we have got to support each other, to show resolve and keep a sense of proportion. This is what I demand from politicians. At the same level. Don’t treat us like idiots who need to wear a muzzle.