Abd A. Masoud



Was born in Amman 1963, is living since 1985 in Vienna and found his passion for restoring old antique wood sculpture and furniture. A particular interest in painting led him to pursue acquiring knowledge, through which he expanded and consequently developed his artistic style. Contemporary interpretation of old manuscripts or Arabic calligraphy with a difference best describes his work. From 2008 – 2018 he was giving artists place to show their work in the Rearte Gallery.

In 2018 he started running the Vienna Calligraphy Center as a non-profit private initiative, which was launched in order to make the general public aware of the importance of written texts and that of calligraphy in Austria and internationally. Also he is the Head of the calligraphy department in the Professional association of visual artists in Austria.

During the COVID 19 crises people forgot their egoistic character and were forced to deal together against this predator. United people fought and won the first battel but still we must take care. It is not over yet as many think. Acting in such a project give artist the chance to spread awareness about this theme everyone in his own way.