Bianca Consiglio

Bianca - Consiglio


I live in Italy, I teach Art History and I’m an illustrator. I have carried out numerous advertising campaigns and illustrations for cultural activities on various scientific themes on behalf of Universities, Study Centers, and Cultural Associations, I also published cartoons for newspapers.

I’ve participated in the scientific committee of numerous history and art exhibitions My works have been selected and awarded in various international competitions and have participated at several graphic exibitions as, among the others, Secret 7, Mutzurwut, Hebei in World’s View, Graphic Stories in Cipro, Peru Design Biennal, Posterfortomorrow, From the trenches, Escucha mi Voz, Breath Symbiosis; Unity is Strength, Bolu international Poster design Competition, Verne and the right to imagine.

My poster for “From the Trenches” is a tribute to the importance of research for progress and the protection of human life. It also wants to be an invitation to the politicians of the world to invest more resources in a sector that is so crucial for the future of human beings.