Dayi - Zhang


Because of the virus, because of wearing a mask, because of the yellow race, we will be verbally abused, beaten, and racially discriminated abroad. We Chinese are not a virus. We are all human beings. We are a community with a shared future. We hope that mankind can unite and fight the enemy of the virus , Instead of blaming each other and shirk each other!


Ink and Vein Collection International Design Featured Works Exhibition. World Environment Day Theme Original Public Welfare Poster Exhibition. Mexico Day of Dead International Cultural Poster Exhibition
The 1st UAE International Poster Festival. Bardejov International Poster Exhibition in Slovakia, 3rd International Design Works Exchange Exhibition. Ecuador International Poster Biennial. 3rd Oaxaca International Poster Biennale. PosterFor International Poster competition. Madrid International Poster Exhibition, Spain. Peru Design Biennale. Yixing Qiyun Oriental China-Korea Design Exhibition. Wenzhou International Poster Biennale. The 3rd Character Cool Text Art Design Exhibition. The 2nd Contemporary International Ink Design Exhibition, etc.!