Yan Guo

Yan - Guo


1. Impression of Dunhuang was selected for BIEAF2019 Busan International Environment (ECO) Art Festival, South Korea. 2. Selected in South Korea 2020Blue Awards International Competition For Cultural Product&Design. 3.Selected in ESCUCHA MI VOZ International Poster Design Competition 2020 Mexico. 4.Selected in 2020 «Blend & Experience 50 Years — China/Belgium International Cultural Poster Design Exhibition», the work was exhibited in Antwerp City Hall, Belgium. 5.Selected for 2021 Karanka Biennale, Switzerland.

Creative description: In the traditional Chinese culture, it mainly has the implied meaning of exorcism in towns and houses, and it is personified. It presents a very interesting image of dispelling poison, depicts the strong power of the great spirit of fighting against the epidemic and turning it into the recovery after the epidemic, so that everything will return to beauty.