Xuejun - Song


Selected in the 7th International Reggae Music Poster Competition IRPC2020. Selected for the 5th International Leipzig Poster Exhibition (Germany) 2020. Selected in «RED ZONE»; International Graphic Design Competition (Russia) 2020. Selected in the first «Verne and the Right of Imagination» International Poster Contest (Mexico) 2020. Nominated for the 5th PlakatFest (Poland) International Poster Festival 2020. Selected in the 2020 «The World After» Poster Exhibition/USA 2020. Selected for the 2021 Karanka Poster Biennial (Switzerland) 2020. Selected in Beijing International Design Week «The 3rd Contemporary International Ink Design Biennale» 2020.

The 2020 virus pandemic is the result of human destruction of nature. If nature is not protected, more deadly pandemics will occur in the future. Call on people on the planet to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in a green and healthy way, especially reforming destructive agricultural development, deforestation, hunting and killing of wild animals and unsustainable diets. Make man and nature live together.