Born in 1987, Victor Kovalenko is a graphic designer from Russia, Middlesex University London MA Graphic Design graduate with distinction. More than 10 years of experience in projects that involved editorial and poster design, typography, illustrations, photography and portrait graphics.

He is a participant, finalist, selected and invited designer in more than 80 design exhibitions. His works were exhibited in 20 countries. After studying in England and Germany he is currently back in Russia and continues working on different design projects.

In the first months of the pandemic all our lives have changed completely. It was necessary to follow the rules such as “staying at home.” The following posters were based on these phrases curling in tube shapes to remain in a “safe zone” to protect themselves from the surrounding bacteria and viruses. Even today the threat is still out there. It is a reminder for all of us to be aware of devastating Covid-19.

Please, stay safe!