My name is Maria. I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Moscow, Russia. I came into the Industry in 2019. For me design is not only a way to earn money or self-expression but also it is a separate branch of art to which I like to make a personal contribution. My projects do not belong to any particular category of design. They cover very broad concepts, touching upon a variety of themes, stylistic decisions and spheres of people’s lives.

The CoVid was a real challenge for everyone. It was a test of will, faith, ability and endurance. It affected many industries, including design. And the last did not collapse in the face of adversity, but instead rose like a phoenix from the ashes of creative stagnation. New ideas, thoughts, solutions, more courage and creativity appeared in the works of designers from all over the world. So, despite the horrors of a global pandemic, I believe that the world, and we in particular, needed such a shock, if only to reach a new level of creativity.