Robert - Abriola


My background and passion has always been in the visual arts. I worked as a designer in the creative services field for over 37 years and best known for my work in the music industry where I created award winning cover art for many platinum and grammy award winning artists. As a fine artist, I’ve created artwork for galleries across the USA and my current music art collection is a culmination of my experience in the music industry, visual, and fine arts. As an artist, the pandemic has allowed me more time to focus on the messaging that comes from my design and artwork. Artists have a deep responsibility to the world as our artwork can inspire and create thought provoking ideas that can change behaviors, heal wounds, and drive for a better tomorrow. It is our legacy as artists to give hope. No other time does this ring more true than during this pandemic. My poster design is a reflection of how mankind can change the course of the pandemic, and ultimately change the course of humanity.