Erfan Gholami

Erfan - Gholami


No1. I designed it based on my favorite poem by Qeysar Aminpour. On the other hand, the overall picture is like a virus! This pandemic may be the result of our suffering on nature, but it survived, repaired itself, grew green again, so we will grow green again too. (It refers to the design period of this work, that is, the pandemic period, but I tried to design the poster in such a way that it does not have an expiration date!)

«Oh familiar tree
Your branches
Suddenly where
Did you leave
Or in the words of my sister Forough (Forough Farokhzad)
In which garden
you plant romantic
Your hands?
May this agreement last forever between us:
My eyes instead of your hands
I will give you water
Honor my eyes
I promise you with restless eyes:
Our roots will be in the water
Our branches will reach the sun
We will be Germinated again!»

No2. the designer wanted to say that We will overcome this problem (COV19 Pandemic), like a Sport competition, it may be hard, it may be painful, but we are strong, we will continue, We will Win…