Emran Abtahi

Emran - Abtahi


Emran Abtahi is a graphic designer Born in 1987, from Iran, Graphic Design graduate. More than 10 years of experience in poster design, logo design, typography, portrait and layout.

Concept : Spain is known in the world for its rich history as well as modern thinking. The culture and tradition of this country is very diverse and special. Spain can be known from the type of clothing of the people to the mass movements and music and dance and festivals that have the most diverse and colorful cultures.The ”Spanish-style” poster is inspired
by Spanish culture and tradition, and specifically the design of Pablo Picasso, which shows the matador confronting the Corona virus. I created a new space by performing it manually and combining it with digital technique.

The «together we can» poster is designed to show the common fight against the Corona virus. All sections of society, such as workers, should work to eradicate the corona virus pandemic. Execution of this poster is manual and combined with digital technique.

To eradicate this virus requires the efforts and help of all the people of the world. The world will soon return to normal.