Rujiyanto - Rujiyanto


Born in 1964, in the City of Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. Is a Master of Arts in the field of Visual Communication Design originally from Indonesia. Since graduating from a bachelor’s degree in Arts at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta in 1983, he is still actively working in the field of Graphic Design.

Currently, he is listed as a Lecturer in Visual Communication Design at the School of Design at BINUS University Jakarta. Actively working and exhibiting posters in Indonesia and several other countries. Currently, apart from being a Graphic Designer, he is also the founder of API (Artistika Poster Indonesia), a poster designer community from Indonesia.

“From the trenches, one day less, one more design. Design is on fire ” is an interesting collaborative project between graphic designers around the world to give a statement that the Covid 19 pandemic is a
world disaster and we as designers can voice this sense of togetherness with visual works that support
this big project. The world must unite in creativity without limits, full of love without shedding blood.

Peaceful greetings from Indonesia.