Putu - Rivaldo - Pramana


The Corona virus broke out in my country (Indonesia) in March 2020. Since then the spread of the virus has gotten out of control. The government began to issue a lockdown policy . Because not everyone can stay at home, the government has also issued a mask mandatory policy. This policy is what worries me a lot, because the use of masks in various activities really makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when I run into friends, I no longer recognize who has just greeted me. My anxiety does not mean that I reject the policy of using masks, I just want freedom like we used to, when we all don’t have to wear masks in our daily activities.

My poster is explaining a left fist holding a mask on a red background contains the silhouette of the coronavirus with the title “Together We Can!” at the top and bodycopy of «No Weapons, No Money, No Skills … Stay Home!» in the below section. As we know, the left fist is a symbol of resistance, by holding the mask of resistance what I mean here is a fight to win our independence, where we don’t have to keep the mask anywhere and anytime. With the headline and bodycopy, the poster brings a message to the public to unite against the corona virus by staying at home which does not require weapons, money, and expertise.