Michael Wong

Michael - Wong


Be studying at Sanda University , majored in Visual Communication Design. Something I want to say:
“I think designers should be a huge whole regardless of country, religion, color. Some similarities and consistency can be found in each design, because designers’ ideas often include the whole world. Design is a language that breaks the gap between different people. It makes people’s communication no longer secular. But ideological, pure. So I am full of respect for different design works and different designers. I believe we play a very important role in making the world a better place.”

About my works: “With regard to my works, this is my attitude of this sudden worldwide disaster. I compared the virus to the three notorious bastards to remind everyone that this epidemic is also a war, and that all of us must unite to kill it. The number of people killed because of the epidemic is already very large all over the world. We can’t just push the task of preventing and saving people to government or medical personnel. We should all try our best to protect ourselves, that is, to protect others. Please let us cherish life together.”