Marco Palena

Marco - Palena


Marco Palena lives and works in Pescara (Italy). After art college he attended Architecture at University. He has obtained recognition in several illustration competitions: World Illustration Awards, Annual Italian Illustrators, etc. His illustrations have been published on national and international magazines: Illustrati, Communication Arts, Brigitte, Banzai La Revue, Brightness. He works for Logos Edizioni.

The coronavirus takes the air out of the infected person; it takes the air out even if you are not directly affected. It is breathing that is at the centre of our preoccupation: we must protect it, defend it from intrusion. It is a minimal and natural gesture that could cause our ruin. Who knows how long we will have to live with Covid-19? Thinking about the future gives us hope. The hope of having succeeded. The hope that one day, sooner or later, our life will become a little more «ours» with the awareness that the balance between nature and survival is an unbreakable bond.