Manny - Hernandez


Manny Hernandez is a Peruvian / Puerto Rican designer and illustrator. After receiving a BFA in graphic design from RISD, he has created work for National Geographic, The Washington Informer, Citizens Bank, Philadelphia Phillies, Brown University, and Rhode Island School of Design.

The «Stay in Touch» poster was designed as a call to action in these trying times. As we endure the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have advised us to stay at home, to wear masks, to stay at least six-feet apart, and basically to not touch anything. Although it is true that these precautions work to ensure public safety, what we need most right now is to feel close and connected with our loved ones.

With this piece, I focused on creating space in a world that resembles our current state, through the form of collage, spray paint, and hand lettering.