Li Zhongyang

Li - zhongyang


Professor, Master Instructor, Head of design discipline of Capital Normal University. Director of Visual design Institute of Education of Capital Normal University. Member of ICO-D. Member of AIGA. Director of the Chinese society of Higher Education. Under-Secretary-General of Design education Specialized Committee of Chinese society of Higher Education.

Love Wuhan: The Chinese characters «love» and «Han» were combined to form a poster with Chinese characteristics. As the worst-hit city of COVID-19 in China and the world, Wuhan has attracted people’s attention. Love needs care and help, come on.

Accurately return to zero: In the face of the coVID-19 outbreak, we are working together to save it. Protect everyone on the planet and get the Numbers right back to zero.

Great love for Europe: In the face of the severe epidemic in Europe, the word «love» was conceived and combined with the symbol of the European Union and the symbol of the National flag of China to represent the same sky one world.

Heart of love: Everyone has a kind heart. In the face of the current situation of the epidemic situation in the worst-hit areas, we should not abandon it, but care, encourage and support them to resume production and rebuild their homes.