Leslie - Cober


Leslie Cober’s endeavors include visual art, design, curator, and educator. Professor at both The
Fashion Institute of Technology NYC & MFA graduate illustration program at WCSU. Chair of The Member’s show at The Museum of American Illustration Society of Illustrators NYC. Annually, guest speaking at various universities throughout the country, serving as a member of the NYC Landmark50 Alliance, and appointed to The Sanford B Low Illustration Collection Committee at the New Britain Museum of American art. Serving on both the BOD of the Society of Illustrators NYC & FTC The Warehouse/Stage One Music Venue CT, a 30+ year studio based art career, clearly displays Leslie’s devotion to the creative visual arts community.

This custom painting created with spray paint, acrylic, brush and pen on paper, exclusively for “From The Trenches. One day less, one more design” includes the words “INSPIRATION” “GRATITUDE” “BRIGHTEN OUR SPIRITS” and elements; hearts,
touching hands, flowers, and butterflies, represents diversity, inclusion, and harmony within our world.