Jacek Tofil

Jacek - Tofil


I was born, I live and work in Poland, in Warsaw. I am a graphic designer. At the end of the 20th century, I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the iconic poster studio led by Professor Henryk Tomaszewski, where I received a diploma with honors. For many years I was involved in publishing design, during this time I collaborated with leading Polish publishing houses. Today, the poster is the most important part of my work. My posters are not only simple, legible signs, each of my posters is a short story told. But I just like to tell. Today I don’t have a lot of poster orders and it becomes a charity. Most of my works are created in response to events in my country and also in the world.

Covid-19 is an example of an event, the magnitude of the tragedy of which requires us to take a position and with our work to fight the effects of the epidemic, and teach how to prevent its effects! When I made the 65 and Up poster, I realized that the poster concerns me directly, because that’s how old I am!