Adam Eva in Covid 19 Era. The strength and efficacy of humans who can survive have multiplied until now. It is proven that viruses are only located one by one from the other malignant creatures. And human development is faster than viruses. This gives us all confidence that one day the Covid 19 virus will disappear.

Visual depiction of two human Adam and Eva, two powerful humans, without clothes without body armor. The depiction in this poster of Adam Eva comes with face masking to give awareness that even though humans are resistant to viruses, they must be careful, because the virus cannot be seen when it attacks and when it does not attack. What can be done to prevent exposure to the virus. Why must Adam Eva, the first human figure on earth, of course, is aware of the natural balance of a healthy life, couse can survive and reproduce.

Whatever the challenges and obstacles, including the threat of ferocious creatures seen and unseen.