Federico Caputo

Federico - Caputo


Hello everyone, I’m Federico Caputo and I’m a Fashion and Graphic designer based in Milan. I design artworks and leather goods collections for major fashion brands since 2015.

I’ve been really happy to participate in this project during the pandemic, because it gave me the chance to escape from the walls of my flat and share with the rest of the world my vision of design. Through my «stay away» project, I wanted to demonstrate that good graphic design can be really effective in spreading right behaviors. I imagined this artwork on posters in train stations, or on t-shirts, helping people to keep the right social distance to prevent the spreading of the virus.

I’ve also tried to rethink the popular motto «Stay hungry, stay foolish», adapting it to the current situation, and transforming it in an effective slogan to exhort people to stay home during the hardest days of the pandemic.