Fatemeh Feyzi Esfangareh

Fatemeh Feyzi


I am Fatemeh Feyzi Esfangareh from Iran. I graduated in B.A at university college of Nabi Akram.Regularly I participate in competitions and as a result my posters have been exhibited in most countries around the world such as Turkey, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and etc..

If we consider this huge epidemic, we’ll see all of us are responsible to omit or at least reduce the symptoms of this contagious illness. As an artist we can be part of this society beside doctors and nurses to inform people how they must behave in this period. It can be possible by designing posters, infographic which carry the messages of using mask, staying at home, canceling none important parties, washing hands…. for making life easier and reducing the number of deaths.

My posters play the role of informing to stay more at home and be far from publicity and even it notices that the beneficial treatment is just staying at home. It demonstrates there is no cure for this anonymous patience as well.

In conclusion we should all accompany to reduce the awful effects of this illness. Hand to band toward boosting the situation.