Fan Shibin

Fan - Shibin


Senior creative person in Beijing. [founder of blue whale maker] [training tutor of Liaoning Normal University] [member of Dalian Graphic Designers Association] [director of Fuhai education group].

Creative explanation of the work «community of human destiny». The new coronavirus is prevalent all over the world, and every country is fighting against the virus. Although the virus is vicious, it also awakens the truth and goodness in human heart. The shape of the new coronavirus is designed into the shape of love, which radiates from the center of the earth to all around, reflecting the creativity of the community of human destiny. Creative description of forbidden fruit.

Bats carry more than 4100 kinds of viruses on their bodies. Eating wild animals means eating forbidden fruits. The shape of a gap that the apple was bitten off forms a clever positive and negative relationship with the shape of bats, reflecting the creativity of eating forbidden fruits.