Andrej Lavchanski

Andrej Lavcanski


My name is Andrej Lavchanski and I am from Macedonia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in printmaking with a graphic design module from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. As a graphic designer, one of the many designers I look up to is Noma Bar.

His minimalistic style and ability to get his messages across with his designs is what inspired me to create a piece regarding this pandemic. ,,In a battle against Covid-19” (,, Во борба против ковид-19’’) is my way of showing that no matter our differences, we’re all in this together. Especially during these times, I’ve noticed a clear divide between people, more so in the way they handled/are handling the pandemic; either blatant panic (we all remember the lack of toilet paper) or a deadly disinterest in the virus and it’s consequences.

What I hope to achieve with this piece is to bring awareness about the situation the world is in and the way we face it, so that we all have a chance to get out of this stronger, both physically and mentally.