Arpita Pradhan


Born in Kolkata (West Bengal), India. Dr. Arpita Pradhan, Assistant Professor, presently teaches at the Department of Graphic Design in Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta. Her doctoral thesis is based on press advertisement design. She has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Art/Graphic design where she won Academic Gold Merit Medal and a postgraduate degree in Applied Art/Graphic design. A recipient of 2017-18 Charles Wallace Grant from British Council. She has been received Ebela Ajeo Samman 2017 in the field of visual art organised by ABP group. She lives and works in Kolkata.

Invisibility of viruses worsen the situation. I wrote CORONA inthe braille process. It has been designed as a metaphor to portray invisibility. Nowadays anxiety mars our dreams. In this design colours have been used to make a disquieting effect for the viewers like our disturbed dreams during pandemic. Cleanliness is one of the main weapons to conquer over this menace.