Anson Liaw



Anson Liaw is an illustrator based in Richmond Hill, Ontario in Canada. Upon graduating from the Ontario College of Art from the Communication & Design Department Design Advertising Program, his versatile illustrations have been an integral part of many projects ranging from magazines, book publications, corporate, packaging and advertising communications.

“I feel I am useless as an artist when I am happy. Pain is what creates my artwork.  The painful experiences that people go through as they journey through life in the world around us from childhood to adulthood which in many ways is full of chaos and hardship are what sparks and motivates myself to possess my objectives to make purposeful artwork that hopefully generates meaningful and fulfilling empathetic connections to people.

As I observe and interpret the world around me combined with creating my artwork, I discover time and time again that true beauty lies within darkness and that sometime nightmares are the birthplace of some of the best creative ideas for an artist.”