Andreas Panayi

Andreas - Panayi


Andreas Panayi is 24 years old from Cyprus, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Excellence in Multimedia and Graphic Arts. He currently studies MA Graphic Communication Design at University of the Arts London.

Part of his work has been awarded and distinguished in several National and International competitions and exhibitions. His works have also been published in articles and publications around the world.

Additionally, he had the chance to work in the Graphic Design field on various creative projects. He has taken part in various speeches, workshops and competitions as a curator and juror in Cyprus and abroad.

The poster aims to travel the viewer through Coronavirus, sending a positive message that as bad days pass, life continues. This typographic poster proves that design can easily be part of serious situations, contributing to a better future. We have to see the bright side, as Covid-19 helped us think out of the box, reconsidering life and making a new beginning full of dreams.