Agnieszka Węglarska

Agnieszka - Weglarska


Agnieszka Węglarska aka Agata GRAFISK is a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist based in Warsaw. In January 2020, after 20 years of working as an art director in advertising, she decided to make art and go back to graphics full-time. She did not foresee that because of pandemics this might be the time of a new order for many other aspects of life and a new beginning for many people. Inspired by modern architecture and electronic music, Agnieszka finds herself most comfortable with the mediums of abstract painting and colorful digital graphics, where tell minimalistic stories about something and nothing. Agnieszka is a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees from the Academy of Arts in Warsaw. Her work is held in personal and public collections throughout Europe and has been exhibited at Bunkier Sztuki (PL), Institut für Alles Mögliche (DE) Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts NY (US), and more. Agnieszka currently lives and works in Warsaw but is open moving elsewhere with the curiosity of the world.